English Asparagus Recipes

English Asparagus

Enjoy locally sourced English Asparagus from Kenyon Hall Farm, just 17 miles away…now stocked in our farm shop! 

Delight your taste buds with the vibrant flavours and freshness of English asparagus, harvested from Kenyon Hall Farm located a short 17 miles from our doorstep. Join us as we explore this seasonal gem and discover delicious ways to enjoy its exquisite taste!

English asparagus is typically in season in the UK from late April to June. This is the prime time to find locally grown and freshly harvested asparagus, known for its exceptional taste and quality. It's a wonderful time to enjoy this flavourful vegetable at its best.

Not sure what to cook with your asparagus? Need some inspiration? Keep on reading…

From asparagus and goats cheese tart to asparagus risotto, there is so much you can do with this delicious vegetable. Check out a couple of recipes we have below for that all important inspo! If you give any of these a try, please tag us in your messages (@thelambingshedfarmshop) or send us a message!

Asparagus fries & baconnaise

Prep: 20 mins

Cook: 35 mins

Serves 4


  • 2 bunches of asparagus, you want about 20 spears in total
  • plain flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 50g parmesan, finely grated
  • 50g panko breadcrumbs
  • 4 tbsp olive oil

For the baconnaise

  • 250g smoked streaky bacon
  • 2 tbsp sunflower oil, plus extra to top up
  • 1 egg, plus 1 egg yolk (from above)
  • 1 tbsp mustard
  • 1 tbsp cider vinegar

Try these crunchy asparagus tips, coated in breadcrumbs and roasted to perfection. Serve with our smoky, creamy bacon mayonnaise for a spring starter!


  • STEP 1
    Separate one of the three eggs for the asparagus. Put the white in a bowl with the remaining two eggs, beat with a fork and set aside until needed. Now, make the baconnaise. Chop the bacon as finely as possible. Heat the oil in a frying pan, add the bacon and stir over a low heat for 15 mins, so it ends up sizzling in its own fat and becomes brown and crisp. Sit a metal sieve over a jug and tip the bacon into the sieve – you need about 200 ml of fat in total, so top up the bacon fat with extra oil as necessary. Leave to cool for 10 mins.
  • STEP 2
    Tip the egg, egg yolk and mustard into a bowl, whisk to combine, then slowly add the bacon fat and oil mixture – first a drop at a time, then gradually quicker when it starts to come together. Once you have a thick mayonnaise, add the vinegar and chopped bacon, and season to taste. Can be made up to three days ahead and kept in the fridge.
  • STEP 3
    For the asparagus, snap off or trim the woody ends. Get out three shallow dishes and tip the flour into one, the reserved beaten eggs into another, and the parmesan and breadcrumbs into the third. Dip the asparagus in the flour, then the egg, then the cheesy breadcrumbs, and put on a plate. Can be prepared the day before, covered and kept in the fridge
  • STEP 4
    Heat oven to 220C/200C fan/ gas 7. Drizzle the oil over a baking tray and heat in the oven. Once the oil is hot, carefully lay the asparagus spears in it, then turn them. Make sure they are in one layer, then roast for 20 mins, turning halfway through, until the crumbs have browned to a crisp coating. Leave until just cool enough to pick up, then serve with the baconnaise for dipping.

Asparagus omelette

Prep: 5 mins

Cook: 15 mins

Serves 2


  • large bunch of asparagus, sliced in half lengthways
  • 6 large eggs
  • 145g tub fresh pesto
  • 50g seeds

A quick and easy asparagus omelette that makes the most of seasonal greens. Serve up this veggie supper for two with pesto and crunchy seeds!


  • STEP 1
    Heat grill to high. Toss the asparagus in olive oil, season and cook in an ovenproof frying pan until softened. Mix the eggs with half the pesto. Take half of the asparagus out of the pan, then spread out the rest. Pour over half the egg mixture. Cook for a few mins on the hob before finishing under the grill. Fold over, then repeat with the rest of the ingredients. Drizzle the remaining pesto over the omelettes and sprinkle the seeds on top.