Ox Eye Daisy - Lou's Cottage Garden Shack

Lou's Cottage Garden Shack

Lou's Cottage Garden Shack (Ox Eye Daisy) is situated across the car park opposite The Lambing Shed. Make sure to pop over and say hello, Louise is full of smiles and warm welcomes. There are plenty of beautiful plants, shrubs, trees, pots, planters, baskets, garden accessories and gorgeous garden gifts to enjoy.

About Lou

Hi, I'm Lou,

I just love plants! I love lots of other things too, like oatie biscuits, wine and my dogs, but plants are my real passion.

I started my business, Ox Eye Daisy, in 2007 selling cuttings I had grown in my garden at local markets. It soon took off and alongside my son, Matt, we took some space on a nursery and grew lots and lots of cottage garden plants, We branched out to sell at plant fairs, country shows and built up wholesale customers along the way.

We don't grow anymore but all my plants are Cheshire grown or sourced from local nurseries.

My speciality is creating beautiful potted planters for all occasions. We always have a good selection from small gifts to big patio planters and baskets. 

I still attend artisan markets each weekend, however you can now also find us at our stunning custom-made plant shack at The Lambing Shed, Knutsford.

Louise Signature
L I V E   L I F E   I N   F U L L   B L O O M