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Fresh, local, simple!

The Lambing Shed now boasts over 45 local suppliers, housing produce that ranges from fresh fruit and veg, dairy products and ice cream, to jams, chocolates, wine and tea, and much much more.

The Lambing Shed prides itself not only on its home-reared Cheshire beef and lamb, but also on the on the ever expanding home-made produce it sells, which now includes a range of freshly prepared ready to cook meals, for customers to take home and enjoy. Why not drop in to see what treats we have in store?

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Introducing you to some of our Local Suppliers


Local Suppliers Map


Bowl & Whisk 

Rachel and Janet, a mum and daughter team, are the founders of Bowl & Whisk. They supply us with the most delicious grab and go traybakes in our Farm Shop, they are extremely popular.

"As a family of dairy farmers, we understand the importance, commitment and effort that goes into producing delicious wholesome food. We take pride in the quality and taste of our cakes and bakes and always use the finest ingredients, and buy local where we can."

Make sure you stop buy our Farm Shop and pick up a Bowl and Whisk sweet treat!

Tatton Ales

Tatton Brewery is a family-run brewery in Knutsford in the heart of Cheshire, just a stone’s throw from Tatton Park.

Burts Cheese

Burt’s Cheese was very proud recently to be named by the Observer Food Monthly as Best Producer.

Camino Gin 

Small Batched and handcrafted. Camino Gin is copper distilled with 17 carefully selected botanicals. 13 of which are native to the French Way of the Camino de Santiago. 

Camino Gin is a homage to the Camino de Santiago. Created by a pilgrim who fell in love with ‘The Way’.

The Spirit of George

‘Because it’s there’ became George Leigh Mallory’s life-affirming retort when questioned on his reasons for attempting to conquer the apparently unscalable Everest back in 1924. This hand-crafted gin, deliciously dry with a hint of Himalayan tea, has been created and perfected in Mobberley, Cheshire, the town where George was born and raised.

"In tribute to an indomitable spirit of adventure and in celebration of a life lived to the full, we invite you to raise a glass to George Leigh Mallory. Our hero and our inspiration."

Tea From The Manor

Tea from the Manor brings the finest full leaf teas from the best tea gardens around the world to delight the palates of its customers. Their loose and bagged teas are of the finest grade and taken by those seeking a first class tea experience – passionate about tea!

Bidlea Dairy

"Our cows eat the best, home-grown feed from Cheshire. They roam the luscious green countryside of our farm, outside for the majority of the year. And they enjoy a happy, content life, producing fresh delicious milk that’s high in protein and butter fat."

The Cheshire Egg Co. - Paces Eggs

We proudly stock eggs from The Cheshire Egg Co. a local supplier that have been selling eggs from their lovely hens since 1931.

“Our hens are all free-range, with full access to the outdoor fields all day...Chickens love to have fun, and our hens have access to loads of different toys and activities to keep them entertained at all times. We’ve got trampolines and swings in the field, sandpits to dig around in, frames to climb on, and plenty of interesting objects to peck at.”


Manchester Gin

We are proud to stock Manchester Gin as it has been internationally recognised by the most prestigious spirits competitions around the world. 

"The city’s industrial heritage, rich culture, and fierce love of independent businesses is something we love and are proud to be a part of. We are proud to have taken our gin around the world, but Manchester will always be our home and inspiration."