The Benefits of Fresh Produce

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, we essentially have three choices. We can purchase canned products, frozen products, or fresh produce that is just hours from the field. Canned and frozen vegetables and fruits do offer some measure of convenience in that you can purchase what you need for weeks at a time, but we believe that the best quality and flavour can only be found in fresh produce.

Everything we do at The Lambing Shed centers on freshness and quality. Why? Because there is no substitute. For generations before the establishment of large-scale food processing, freshness was never questioned. Food went right from the field to the table in almost every household.

Today we have options. Options are good, but not every option is equal to all others. As a farming family operating Moseley Hall Farm for more than 65 years, we believe the best choice is fresh. Indeed, here are three reasons fresh is better:

Fresh Produce Vegetables

1. Full Nutritional Value

Produce that goes from the field to your table without any processing offers the full nutritional value that nature intended. All the vitamins and minerals produce contains is available to provide maximum nutritional value for you and your family. Nothing is lost in processing because fresh produce needs nothing more than a quick wash before being ready for sale.

If you do need to purchase frozen or canned vegetables and fruits, we recommend frozen as the second best option. Flash freezing maintains most of the nutritional value found in fresh produce. Canned products are last on the list due to the blanching process; a process that can rob some fruits and vegetables of important nutrients


2. Fresh Tastes Better

We believe, and many of our customers agree, that fresh produce and meat simply taste better. No flavour is lost in the processing of fresh produce and meats, giving you the opportunity to bring out the full flavour nature intended as you cook. As for frozen and canned products, some of the flavour is lost in processing. It is unavoidable.

Along with simply tasting better, The Lambing Shed butchery staff are more than happy to answer all of your questions about different cuts of meat and their preparation. The tips Steve and his staff offer can help you prepare the best lamb, beef, pork and chicken recipe you've ever tasted. Our butchery staff know how to make fresh even better!


3. Supports Local Growers

In order to support the 'farm to table' philosophy, we utilise products from more than 40 local growers here in Cheshire. Locally sourced meats and produce are necessary if we are to fulfil our promise of freshness. That means your choice of fresh over processed also means you are supporting the entire agricultural community here in Cheshire.

Supporting local growers makes it possible for them to keep doing what their families have been doing for decades. And we know how important this is, having worked the land for more than 65 years. Fresh means local, and local means a stronger community.

Modern food processing gives us far more options than previous generations have had. But in the end, we believe fresh is best. There is no substitute for the nutritional value, flavour, and local support that comes with the meat and produce you will find here at The Lambing Shed.