Back to school - Quick meal ideas

I'm sure you have all enjoyed a fun filled summer with your little ones in the sun. As the school summer holidays draw to a close...routine commences, early mornings begin again, and the school run becomes part of your day once more, leaving you with less time than ever. That's before coming home and cooking up a 5* meal for the kids!


So let me give you some inspiration for some quick and easy meal ideas with products you can find in store at The Lambing Shed.




Have you seen our readymade stir fry options in the butchery? If not, get yourself down here and take a look!


You have a choice of 2 -


CHICKEN STIR FRY - Chicken, yellow, red and green peppers and white onion in piri piri sauce! Just like a fajita (yum!)


BEEF STIR FRY - Beef steak marinated in magic Chinese spices - with mushrooms, red onion and sugar snaps all marinated in a tasty Cantonese sauce!





How UNREAL do they look?!


As they are already pre-made, just pop them in the pan to cook, put your noodles in another and they'll be ready before you know it! No cutting, no faff, just quick, easy and healthy. The kids are guaranteed to ask you to make this one again!






There's not much more British than bangers and mash for your tea (or dinner some would say!)


At our butchers, you can pick up any two packs of sausages for £6! Handmade by our fab butchery team, using the best quality local pork.


You can mix and match your 2 for £6 with either traditional thick or traditional thin sausages - go and have a gander and see what takes your fancy!


Pair this with, of course, mashed potatoes, veg and gravy and you'll be sleeping well with a tummy full of good hearty food! What more could you want?




Homemade steak pie without having to make it? Sounds good right?

There's nothing heartier than a steak pie with the family on a rainy autumnal night.


We hand make family size steak pies with our award-winning home-reared beef which you can pick up in our farm shop. You'll find them in the freezer section, frozen so you can use it at your convenience.


While the steak pie is cooking away nicely in the oven, chop up some potatoes and veg (you can get your veggies from us too) and finish off with some gravy of your choice...absolutely delicious!


Not only do we sell our delicious frozen steak pie, but you can also grab frozen homemade cottage pies, lasagne, Thai chicken curry, chilli con carne or home reared lamb curry. All made by our team of chefs! There's certainly plenty of choice!





We all love convenience and ease sometimes (it's okay to admit it!).

By Ruby's ready meals are perfect for when you don't have a chance to get the chopping board out, just pop them in the microwave or oven (depending on which you get) and forget about it until that timer dings!


We stock a huge range of these ready meals; we actually have a dedicated freezer full! The dishes are available as a one-person 400g portion or a bigger 800g dish, perfect for sharing. Quick & easy!


What you can get from us:


- Dan Dan aubergine and peanut noodles

- Roasted butternut squash and spinach dhal

- Three cheese macaroni cheese

- Aubergine and paneer korma

- Woodland mushroom risotto

- Roasted vegetable and spinach lasagne

- British free range chicken tikka masala

- British free range coq au vin

- Chicken leek and bacon pie

- British grass-fed beef bourguignon

- Tarragon chicken

- Classic British fish pie

- Thai red king prawn curry

-British grass-fed beef cottage pie


So, I'm SURE there is something that everyone will like!







We have a selection of Fieldfare cheesecakes for you to choose from! Which is your favourite?


We have:


- Salted Caramel and Chocolate Honeycomb Cheesecake

- White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

- Lovely Lemon Cheesecake


Just swap it from the freezer to the fridge in the morning and by tea it will be ready to be demolished! (Takes 5-6 hours to defrost!). Easy peasy.


Not a big cheesecake fan? We also stock chocolate torte, as well as coffee and raspberry roulades, so all bases are covered!







Hopefully you have a couple ideas to get you back in the swing of things without as much of the stress! We want to make your life easier - so head down and pick up some bits from us.