Back British Farming

Long Horn.


The UK continues to import large quantities of Lamb to stock supermarket shelves, primarily from New Zealand. By backing British Farmers and shopping locally, you are helping to cut down on processing, packaging and transportation waste, leading to less pollution, by supporting local, you are contributing to a smaller carbon footprint.

The British Isles are supremely well suited to raising livestock. Lots of rainfall means lots of grass, plus we’ve got plenty of uplands that aren’t good for much else (except lovely country walks of course). This means British cattle require less inputs such as feeds and water compared to feedlot cattle. Less inputs translates to less carbon emissions: in fact, the British average is 50% less than the global average.

Source: land use: policies for a net zero UK, Committee on Climate Change, January 2020.


The Red Tractor scheme encourages farmers to protect and maintain the environment by offering their mark of quality, making the end product more appealing to the consumer. Here at The Lambing Shed we are proud to be Red Tractor Farm Assured. Red Tractor is considered world leading in farming standards. You can be confident your food is traceable, safe and farmed with care. We keep animal welfare at the core and ensure we can deliver full supply chain traceability and safety.


British farmers not only play a massive part in feeding our population, the UK food and farming industry makes a fundamental contribution to our economy, providing millions of jobs and supporting rural and urban communities up and down the country.
We love what we do and are very proud to continue providing our customers with the highest quality produce. Our home-reared beef and lamb comes straight from our farm that is less than 1 mile away. With a dedicated promise to free-range and high welfare farming, our home-reared beef and lamb delivers the quality you’d expect.